Three Reasons Polaroid Cameras are Popular Again

Polaroid cameras were famous for the ability to instantly produce a print, and now variations of the original are making this style of photography all the rage.

With the re-introduction of Polaroid cameras has come the addition of new styles and upgrades that make this old-technology more modern, but without losing the original idea behind it. In short, you now have options. You can choose the original Polaroid format (with a few additions), a modern-looking and colorful version, and a Polaroid camera that is much smaller and easier to use. There are pros and cons to each, so make sure you select one that suits your photo style the best.

Retro Appeal

For an homage to the OG brand, this is the one for you. Polaroid Originals

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Polaroid cameras do exist today that are as close to the original as you can get. They work the same and look the same but have some new features to them. You’ll find a standard Polaroid has a 60-day battery life, a self-timer mode, and a flash that will blind you. However, the new version also has the ability to connect to an app so you can control things from your phone. It also has the option for you to shoot using both a standard lens and a portrait lens.

Compact Choice

This modern-looking model will fit right into your pocket. Fujifilm

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There are also modern-looking Polaroids that appeal to different people than the original-style one. These are shaped differently and more brightly colored and tend to be more lightweight. The features are the same as other Polaroids, but the film is a bit different, and the size of this camera’s prints fit in a pocket.

Simple to Use

This one is kid-friendly and has options for borders, photo booth and more. Polaroid

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This Polaroid fits in your pocket and instantly spits out quality photos. You can plug in a SD card and save photos to share later on social media or to print later, which is a unique feature. Additionally, it comes with options for borders, photo booth, and much more. Simply charge the camera via USB and you can take this with you anywhere you go. It’s kid-friendly too, and a great way to get the younger ones involved in photography without giving them a smartphone.