Having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. In computing, there are often a lot of repetitive tasks, which may involve memorizing shortcuts and multiple keystrokes. A programmable mouse can save you the effort. These mice are typically made with gamers in mind, to make it easier for them to switch between items, cast spells, and other key-stroke intensive maneuvers, but they’re hardly for gamers-only. A programmable mouse can make a world of difference for those who edit video, audio, and photos. Here are three features to look for before you buy.

Loaded with Options

Remove the side plates to reveal two, seven, or even twelve buttons. Razer

Most gaming-specific mice have extra buttons which you can program to do specific things in specific games, as well as other programs. That might make swapping items, a special move, or even something that it would take a bunch of keystrokes on your keyboard to accomplish a whole lot easier. Look for mice that offer a lot of flexibility and how you can set up the buttons.

Built for Comfort

New caption: With 8,200DPI resolution, a 1ms report rate, and a whopping 20 customizable buttons, this one has it all. Logitech G

Speed and accuracy are two of the most important factors to consider, especially when gaming. If your mouse doesn’t report your movement just as you’re making it, then you might miss your shot, or take a bullet. Similarly, accuracy is key. You want to be able to just point, and not worry about having to recalibrate when you get there. Look for low report rates (like 1ms) for speed, and high DPI resolutions (like 7,200DPI and up) for accuracy.

Terrific Performance

This option gives you a lot of bang for your buck, with amazingly high resolution and seven customizable buttons. PICTEK

All of the features in the world aren’t going to make a difference if your fingers can’t reach them. This will be a bit different from person to person, but you want to find a mouse that feels good in your hand. One that lets your hand sit naturally and doesn’t introduce any extra strain. Your gaming sessions will be a lot more comfortable for a lot longer.