Three Reasons to Buy an Extra Long iPhone Charger

Your smartphone deserves a smarter charger.

From work to play to even the occasional call, we use our phones an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes per day. Battery life has never been more precious—or easy to run down. Here’s a short list of reasons to get an extra long cable.

Loads of Compatability

Weight-bearing head design that works with all 8-pin devices. BSTOEM


The three-foot charging cable that came with your iPhone doesn’t leave many plug-in options, so it’s no wonder that most people charge their phones overnight. Unfortunately, charging your phone’s lithium-ion battery to 100 percent every night is actually terrible for it long term, and so is letting your battery completely die during the day. Instead, experts recommend extending your battery’s overall life by charging it in shorter spurts to no more than 80 percent and running it down to no less than 20 percent before recharging.

Multiple Lengths

Standard Apple color in a longer length with a faster charge. Cablex


Whether you’re cruising in the car or scouting outlets at a coffee shop or airport, a longer cable makes shorter, more frequent charging easier and more secure, because you can keep your device right next to you. Consider buying a 10-foot cord that you can keep coiled and ready in your bag for everyday use. Want to make more friends? Add an extension cord to the mix.

Double-Braided Jacket

This baby features overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and temperature control. Safety first! Aioneus


Worried about misplacing your new iPhone charger? Don’t be. Upgrading is a chance to personalize your set-up with plugs and cords in bold colors and patterns that are unmistakably you. But just to be safe, you might want to label it with a name and contact information.