Three Reasons to Try a Foam Cannon the Next Time You Wash Your Car

Amazing like that foam scene in Willy Wonka.

Here’s the thing about foam: when it comes to the chemistry of cleaning, foam doesn’t actually make much difference. The surfactant molecules in soap grab onto grease and rinse it away regardless of the foam or no-foam status. But foam does bring one major benefit: it clings. That means pre-treating with foam gives the soap more time to do its job.

Versatile Equipment

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No two jobs are the same, so customizable cleaning tools make a difference. Some foam cannons have multiple adjustable nozzles so the user can select the right thickness of foam and proportion of soap to water, as well as the angle at which the tip sprays. And don’t limit the foam cannon to car washing. Its versatility makes it great for washing windows, driveways, siding, roofs and fences.

Safe to Use

This tool protects your paint job from the 95 percent of scratches that come from improper cleaning techniques. Chemical Guys

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The major benefit of adding a foam dispenser to your car washing routine is that the foam clings to dust and dirt and lifts it off the surface. That’s good news when it comes to protecting your paint job since improper washing and drying techniques can cause scratches and swirls.

Full Set

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The best part of using a foam cannon is that it makes routine car washing fun. Since it hooks up to a 1,000 pounds-per-square-inch power washer, the cannon delivers a thick layer of foam within seconds. That’s plenty of time to wash your car, build a foam snow person or reenact the iconic car wash scene from Bring It On.