Three Things You’ll Love About Retinol Cream

Retinol is a form of vitamin A that can help you have healthier, younger-looking skin.

If you’re into skincare, but aren’t up on all the terminology, one term you want to know is retinol. You have likely heard of it, but this one ingredient can completely transform your skin. Retinol is a form of vitamin A that helps with aging skin. But it also is great for those who suffer from acne. How does it do this? Retinol promotes cell turnover, which means your body produces fresh cells that are healthy and youthful. Using a retinol cream will rid of acne, increase your production of collagen, and increase the production of new blood cells. Here are three things you’ll love about retinol cream.

Attack Acne

Strong, yet effective, retinol cream can help you if you’re suffering from acne. LilyAna Naturals

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Acne isn’t something that strikes during puberty. In fact, many adults suffer from adult acne and if you do, you know it is far from fun, and products that worked when you were younger don’t seem to have the same effect. It’s time to reach for a retinol cream that will help get rid of that stubborn acne for good. There are retinol creams that aren’t too harsh on your face and won’t dry it out too much. Overdry skin can lead to more acne issues.

Increase Collagen Production

Collagen decreases more and more as you age and can be hard to produce. Kleem Organics

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Collagen production in the body begins to decline around the age of 25. So, if you’re past that age, you need retinol cream. Collagen keeps you looking youthful, and keeps a full look to your face, as opposed to the sunken-in appearance that happens with age. Retinol cream promotes collagen production by triggering your cells’ production.

Increases Blood Cell Production

Retinol cream works to increase new blood cell production with additional benefits. RoC

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Retinol cream’s star ingredient, retinol, promotes cell turnover, which means your skin will get fresh cells. This will reduce the appearance of inevitable wrinkles and fine lines. On top of that, retinol’s cell turnover abilities also aid in fixing blemishes, evening out skin tones, and dealing with skin discoloration. In short, retinol cream is your one-stop shop to slow down the appearance of aging in your skin without going to extreme measures.