If you are a light sleeper who is easily disrupted by sudden changes in background noise, a sound machine may be the perfect path to sweet dreams. White noise masks invasive sounds like snoring, traffic noise, or closing doors, all of which can be jarring to sensitive sleepers. Aural static establishes an ambient sound level that is proven to soothe and does wonders to enhance your rest. Here are a few places where this simple device can improve the sound environment.


While sound machines have been around for decades, new technology has made modern models extremely effective. Marpac

Invented in 1962 by a traveling salesman looking to replicate the hum of a motel air conditioner, Marpac Dohm is the original white-noise machine. The first prototype was simply a fan blade embedded in a dog food bowl. Though it has been vastly improved over the decades, the principle of masking sound to improve sleep works as well now as it did back then.


A combination of soft sounds and lights can encourage young ones to nod off. Hatch Baby

Infants can benefit from both white noise and soothing light. A combination sound machine with integrated night light offers the best of both effects to improve your baby’s all-important sleep.


Noise machines are also great in offices when you need to focus and block out noisy distractions. Adaptive Sound Technologies

A bit of white noise in a busy office helps block out disruptive sounds and improve focus. Those who choose to close the door and further test the device’s ability to induce sleep are not to be faulted—or disturbed.