Three Things to Consider Before Buying an RV Satellite Dish

Receiving a television signal in the outdoors might seem odd to some, but at some venues, it could be a huge hit.

Whether you are touring national parks with the family, living the life of a digital nomad, or setting up a mobile base camp for hunting and fishing on public lands, a modern recreational vehicle is the ultimate in rustic comfort. Having a satellite dish on an RV may seem antithetical to the idea of camping, but from news and weather to movies, television, music, and the Internet, a sat dish keeps you connected to the wider world and makes staying on the road for extended periods more feasible than ever. Here are a few points to think about before you buy.

Dish Antenna

Collapses on the roof for easy traveling. Winegard

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The antenna is the heart of any satellite system. It collects signals from the orbital network and transmits them to a receiver and, ultimately, your viewing device or computer. A traditional dish antenna relies on its funnel shape to capture signals and offers excellent signal strength. If you opt for a dish model, be sure it is collapsible to a low storage height while on the road.

Dome Antenna

Unlike some other antennas, dome antenna sometimes allow television viewing while a vehicle is in motion. Winegard

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A dome antenna functions the same way as a dish by maximizing surface area to retrieve satellite signals. Domes are typically lightweight, easy to set-up, and widely compatible with most receivers. Pay attention to the number of satellites the unit can pull from at once, as well as the number of televisions it can simultaneously support with separate viewing channels. The more the better. Domes are also capable of providing in-motion viewing while on the road, but expect to pay a premium for that feature.


Portable satellite dishes make tailgate setups at the big game even better. Winegard

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The other great attribute of a dome antenna is its versatility. Because of its compact profile, a dome is more portable than a dish and easy to set up anywhere from a campsite in the woods to a tailgate gathering at the big game. With a dome antenna, getting reception is as simple as finding a clear view of the southern sky.