Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Saucer Tree Swing

These disc-shaped toys are fun for kids and adults alike.

A saucer swing is an updated version of the old tire swing you might have sat in when you were young. These padded discs suspend from adjustable ropes connected to a stout tree limb or swing set and are large and strong enough to support multiple riders at once, which is great if several kids want to take a ride. But before you buy, here’s some advice on other features you might want in your swing.

Durable Materials

The high weight capacity of this model means it can support more than one rider. SUPER DEAL


The round shape of a saucer swing lets someone sit on the edge with their legs dangling over, and since most platforms are solid, you can also lay down, or even stand on the swing. If you prefer a more adventurous ride, consider platforms made with rope weaved like a spider web for multiple handholds and a trampoline feel.


This product has double-coated metal tubing for long-term outdoor use. SUPER DEAL


Unlike other tree swings, many saucer swings can support multiple bodies. If you have more than one child, look for a model that handles at least two children, or one rated for more riders. Then review the swing’s weight capacity and make sure you don’t overload it.

Galvanized Climbing Carabiners

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One of the great things about a saucer tree swing is how easy you can hang one in from a tree or beam. Most come with carabiners, S-hooks, and other specialized hanging mechanisms that take the headache out of hanging one from a support that might not be level. Decide where you’ll hang the swing before you buy it, and make sure your choice comes with the proper hanging ropes and straps for your situation.