Scooters are a great way for kids to burn excess energy and have fun in the process and they can help develop a sense of balance and coordination. Scooters are pretty easy to learn how to ride and can help someone young ease into bike riding. Keep these pointers in mind to help you narrow down the field.

Make sure your ride has safety features. Lascoota

Children’s scooters come in two basic formats: two- or three-wheeled versions. Three wheels make for more stability, which is great for beginners or smaller children. Two-wheeled models are generally more agile and are better suited to kids who have a sense of balance.

This model is built for stability and keeping children upright while in motion. Micro Kickboard

The size of a scooter’s wheels helps determine how the scooter will handle when in motion. Large wheels will make the scooter more stable but will also increase the speed that the scooter can reach. Small wheels make the scooter easier to handle, permitting more advanced riders to perform tricks. Generally, choose large wheels for beginners and small wheels for seasoned riders.

This model has a high weight capacity and can be modified to accommodate large or small riders. Razor

One of the most important considerations when looking at a scooter is its weight capacity. It may be tempting to go with a full-sized model that can support a kid through their adolescence, but it will be heavy and large. Look for a model that can support a child’s weight now, with a few pounds leftover for when they inevitably grow. Also, be sure the handlebars are an acceptable height and that you can adjust them as your kids grow taller.