Three Things to Consider Before Buying Serrated Kitchen Knives

A serrated knife can make cutting through soft foods a cinch.

Person cuts steak with serrated steak knife
Serrated knives are suited best for fibrous foods like breads and meats.Home Hero

The saw-like teeth of a serrated knife blade help to cut both soft and tough ingredients, but you need to match the knife to the kitchen task. The relatively wide serrations of a bread knife help it slice through light, airy bread without tearing and crumbling. Deeper serrations produce wicked-sharp points that help penetrate into tough cuts of meat and work easily through joints and connective tissue. There are serrated knives for specific cutting tasks, and general-purpose knives suitable for everyday use. Here are three different approaches to designing a serrated knife, and how each one will make your cooking even more of a pleasure.

Mercer Culinary M23210 Millennia Wide Wavy Edge Bread Knife

Your Daily Bread

This knife product is built with textured finger guards and a handle designed for safe gripping.Mercer Culinary

Bread knives can make quick work of both dense breads such as bagels and light, crumbly goodies like a crusty French loaf. Look for relatively thin blades that will help you create even slices, and average-sized teeth that will allow the blade to start the cut evenly without tearing the bread.

Steak Knives Set of 8

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The blades on these knives are stainless steel, durably coated, and rated as dishwasher safe—a bonus for serrated knives.Home Hero

The deep points on a serrated steak knife can grip dense meats for a quick, easy cut. No more sawing and hacking at the dinner table. Look for knives with a non-stick coating that won’t get gummed up with sticky steak fat, and relatively thick blades that can handle the toughest cuts.

Victorinox 6.7836.4US1 Swiss Classic 4-Piece Utility Knife Set, 4-Inch, Assorted colors

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The fine serrations on these knives help protect a keen edge over time.Victorinox

Serrated blades aren’t just for T-bones and croissants! A finely serrated edge makes slicing through juicy tomatoes a breeze, and a flexible, rounded blade tip can serve double duty as a butter or jelly knife that cuts the bread just as easily.