Hair takes a beating in the modern world, being vulnerable to damage by chlorine, dyes, dirt, dust, wind, and over-exposure to sun. Factor in the effects of aging, and anyone’s hair can quickly become brittle or thin. If you are struggling to maintain your prized tresses, maybe it’s time to reevaluate shampoo type. Today’s hair-care products are as varied as the folks who use them, and making the right choice is often a matter of trial and error. Here are three popular shampoos to consider, each aimed at a different hair type.

Maintenance Shampoo

If you’re not particular about your hair quality or style, a generic shampoo should work just fine. Olaplex

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For regular use on normal hair, a high-quality maintenance shampoo (in conjunction with a conditioner) is all you need. A daily shampoo should strengthen hair by helping each fiber bond internally while also retaining moisture to keep hair soft and shiny.

Shampoo for Thinning Hair

If you’re concerned about losing hair, get a shampoo that formulated to strengthen roots. PURA D’OR

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There is no miracle cure for hair loss, but you can slow or mitigate the process by using a shampoo specifically formulated for thinning hair. That means a gentle cleanser that won’t damage sensitive fibers and will hydrate deeply to make hair more supple and less prone to pulling out during brushing.

Organic Shampoo

If you want your hair to receive the best wash, a shampoo that includes tree oil will treat it right. teatree

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There is a literal cornucopia of natural ingredients added to shampoo these days, from pumpkin seed and sunflower oil, to rosemary leaf, apricot kernel, and banana fruit extract. One of the most refreshing organic components is tea tree oil, which has become ubiquitous on the natural-remedy market. As a shampoo additive, it is reported to deeply clean both oily and dry scalps and leave hair soft and fresh with a crisp peppermint scent.