Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Shoeshine Kit

Keep your shoes looking as new as the day you bought them.

Shined shoes on wooden floor.
Before you buy a shoeshine kit, make sure it contains the treatments for your particular leather type and color.Greg Rosenke

It used to be that people relied on shoeshine kits mostly to rehabilitate dress shoes and fine leather goods. Shoeshine kits can include waxes, polishes, cleaning brushes, and buffing cloths, so they can handle just about every shoe in your closet. When you think it’s time to add a little spiff to Pat and Charlie, here are three things to think about before you pick up a kit.

KIWI Black Shoe Shine and Shoe Polish Kit | Leather Shoe Cleaner for Dress Shoes and Boots | 2 Tins, 1 Brush, 1 Dauber and 1 Cloth
This set is specially designed for black footwear.KIWI

If you want to spiff up your dress shoes, choose a shoeshine kit made specifically for that purpose. Shoe polishes with carnauba wax will create a long-lasting shine that will moisturize shoe leather for long-term protection.

Shoe Polish Cream and Cleaning Kit, White Shoe Polish, White Shoe Cleaner, Shoe Whitener, Appleaves, nourishes the leather, Best Match with Horsehair Shoe Brush, Shoe Shine Sponge and Glove
Ergonomically designed tools in this set help get rid of dirt and grime before the treatment.Appleaves

Read the fine print before you buy. While some shoeshine kits come with a variety of products that will work on black, white, and colored leathers, others are designed specifically for dark leathers or white products.

White Shoe Polish, Alloda, Shoe Care Kit, Shoe Whitener, Nourishes and Protects Leather
This product keeps footwear bright and clean.Alloda

Shoeshine kits that come with dye-free polishes and waxes for all kinds of leather items. Use them to bring back the softness and luster of purses and handbags, baseball gloves, leather furniture, and leather jackets and vests. Be sure to test the product first on a small patch of the leather to make sure you like the treatment before applying it to the entire garment.