Bathrooms can get cluttered very quickly. There are so many different products floating around in this one room that it seems impossible to keep it clean. You wonder how you acquired so many different products, and then you step into your shower. What a mess. Who knew there were so many shampoos and body washes you needed, and whatever other random products somehow made it in there? One thing you do know: you need a way to organize all this stuff.

Its corner design means everything is out of the way yet reachable. Zenna Home

Deciding the type of shower caddy requires knowing where in the bathroom you want your shower caddy to be. You’ve got options. One is over the showerhead—the most common type. This one is easy to set up and requires minimal installation effort. It does, however, require a strong showerhead to support the weight. Another option is the corner shower caddy. This is easy to set up and easy to access when showering. A third option is an over-the-door caddy that hook over your shower or a towel bar, or even a curtain rod. Depending on what you hook this over, it may not be able to hold as much weight as some of the other options.

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It’s designed to hold is luster over time. ALLZONE

Some people have far more products they need in the shower than others, so determine what level of space you need and buy accordingly. Shower caddies come in a variety of sizes as well, some with specific spaces for bottles, while others have more open spaces that you can fill with whatever you’d like.

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It needs to be wiped more regularly because it gets wet every day. iDesign

Different shower caddies require different levels of cleaning. If you opt for a freestanding corner caddy, then you may need to drain it from time to time and pick it up to clean the bottom. Over-the-showerhead caddies, however, need to be wiped more regularly because they are getting wet on a daily basis. Either way, you want to look for a caddy that is rust-free so that your bathroom stays organized and clean.