Three Things to Know About Water Filters for Your Shower Head

Scrub a dub, Bub.

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Enjoy getting in your shower every day with a water filter for your shower head.Pexels

If you live in an area with hard water, you know first hand just how much your skin and hair can suffer. Dry, dull and flaky—unfiltered water can leave deposits of minerals that make you appear to age prematurely and cause dandruff-like buildup on your scalp. Typical showerheads can also harbor mold, mildew and bacteria. Showerhead filters are a cheap and easy fix for these issues, but the benefits don’t stop there. Keep reading to find out just how a showerhead filter can improve your health and home environment, and find the right filter for you.

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Showerheads are a hidden source of mold and bacteria that is commonly overlooked. Because the fixture gets warm and stays wet, it provides the perfect conditions for mold growth. That means every time you turn on your shower, you spray bacteria and mold particles into the air, as well as your body. The right filter can eliminate the presence of mold and other bacteria, which means you lessen your exposure.

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If you want to take your anti-aging game to the next level, you can also look for a filter that has a Vitamin C cartridge. Vitamin C has been proven to brighten the texture of hair and skin, as well as hair’s shine.

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Most municipal water sources treat water with very small amounts of chlorine in order to make water safe for drinking, cooking and bathing. However, when chlorine is vaporized, the resulting gas can irritate lungs when inhaled. Look for a shower filter that eliminates chlorine from the water so you don’t have to worry about inadvertently breathing in harmful chemicals.