Three Reasons You Need a Shower Squeegee

Swipe right on a cleaner shower.

“Squeegee” comes from the 1783 word “squeege,” which means “to press or squeeze” (but really sounds like an amazing insult, if you ask us). The earliest references to actual squeegees were massive scrubbers for cleaning ship decks or city streets—but the introduction of skyscrapers near the turn of the 20th century meant people needed better tools for washing all those windows, so the modern squeegee was born. Here’s why that retro tech is a must-have for the shower.

Multiple Sizes

This sleek tool comes in three widths and four finishes for the perfect fit for your space. HIWARE

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First of all, a shower squeegee works. A few strokes with the tool after every shower reduces the buildup of soap scum and hard water stains on the walls of the shower—or any glass, mirror or tile surface. This is extra true if you fit the size of the squeegee to the surface and include a little household cleaner into your daily routine.

Easy to Store

This option is slim and includes a robust suction cup so it’s at hand but not in the way. OXO

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If you’re going to squeegee everyday, you need a tool that’s convenient. Look for an option with a slim profile that includes a strong suction cup or adhesive hook so you can mount it neatly in the shower for easy access.

Easy to Hold

A contoured, non-slip handle makes this one effortless to use. Rubbermaid

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Getting into a shower squeegee routine is easy. With a few well-placed swipes—called the swivel or fan method by the pros—using a squeegee every day can reduce the effort required when you do deep clean the shower. Look for a tool with a contoured grip for maximum control while you get your moves down. After all, you don’t want to look like a complete squeege.