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Whether you enjoy doing outdoors, having accessories in your car or truck that make the journey to your destination more enjoyable are always welcome gift ideas. And if some of those items also offer a little protection against muddy boots or coffee spills, so much the better. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or the car or truck owner in your family, here are three gifts they’ll love.

Cup Phone Holder

The base of this mobile phone holder adjusts to fit securely in the cup holder of your vehicle, and it’s completely adjustable to provide perfect screen viewing angle. TOPGO

It’s annoying. You jump into your rig and plug in your phone. Now what? Do you put your phone on the dash, between the seats, or tuck it between your legs? None of these are good options, particularly if you need to see the screen on your phone to follow GPS guidance. A cupholder mount for your phone eliminates all the hassles, so you can see the screen on your phone easily without having to worry about your phone sliding away and getting stuck between your seat and the center console.

This cup holder phone mount totally adjusts to fit firmly and securely in the cup holder of a car, truck, or SUV. Just twist the knob on the base to fit the cup holder on the vehicle (this model fits cupholders from 2.4- to 4-inches diameter). An 8-inch gooseneck is totally adjustable for height and the flexible design allows you to position your phone just the way you want it. A longer and wider mount for the phone itself accommodates a wide range of phone models and it can rotate 360 degrees to allow you to view your screen in either a vertical or horizontal position. Install it in just a few minutes and never have to worry about your phone again.

Seat Protectors

These seat protectors offer maximum comfort and their PVC leather construction is water resistant to prevents spills from damaging upholstery. Lusso Gear

Let’s face it, seats take a beating no matter what you drive. Coffee spills, bagel crumbs, dog hair from Fido sitting next to you—it all adds up to a messy cabin that no one wants to sit in. And when it comes time to turn in your leased vehicle or sell your car, messy upholstery can cost you money. These seat protectors will preserve your upholstery to keep the seats on your vehicle looking like new. Protectors tie securely to the headrest to provide a perfect fit and special anti-slip dots provide extra grip so they won’t shift around under your weight and get uncomfortable. High-quality, PVC leather construction is highly water resistant to prevent damage from spills and extra padded construction ensures a comfortable ride no matter where you’re traveling. Two large mesh pockets built into the fabric covering on the front of the seat cover provide easy access to phones, water bottles, or snacks. Best of all, they slip on in seconds to protect your seats instantly.

Floor Mats

These rugged floor mats won’t crack, split, or deform no matter the climate conditions outside, and they can be custom fitted to your vehicle’s interior. Motor Trend

No part of your vehicle takes a pounding more than the floors. Mud, rain, or snow tracked into your vehicle can wreck the carpeting in a hurry. Now you can keep the carpet on your vehicle looking like new with the total protection of quality floor mats. These deep-dish rubber mats work well no matter what the climate conditions are like outside. From extreme heat to sub-zero temperatures, they won’t crack, split, or deform. A special trim-and-fit design allows you to custom fit them to your vehicle with just a pair of scissors. Rubberized nibs on the bottom prevent the mats from slipping or moving around while ergonomic grooves on top provide comfort and excellent foot traction. The set includes two front and one rear liner.