Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Small Trash Can

Don’t waste your money on garbage.

Even something as mundane as the trash can had to be invented at some point, but as late as the 1880s, most of America was still dumping, burying or burning waste. Even after this innovation, it took until the 1920s before an industrial engineer (and mother of 12) developed the pedal mechanism that allows you to open a trash can without touching it. Now, these are commonly found in almost every room in the house. Here’s what to know before buying your next trash can.

Practical and Functional

This plastic bin is available in nine different colors to enhance your existing decor, and is easy to clean. Umbra


Think about the type of trash can you want — and where it’s going to go. Do you want it to have a lid, concealing what’s inside? Or are you OK with the idea of your trash being open to the outside world? It’s entirely up to you, but for hygiene purposes, cans in kitchens and bathrooms tend to have lids, while those in bedrooms or living areas tend to be open.

Durable Design

Smudge-resistant metal, with a lift-out inner container and foot-controlled lid. iTouchless


If you’re buying a small trash can, it’s probably because it needs to fit in a small area; make sure that area’s been measured first, and don’t forget the details, such as how you’re going to access it. It’s all very well sliding a small can into the space between, say, the tub and the toilet in the bathroom, but if it’s got a pedal to open it, and you can’t easily get your foot into the space, it’s not very practical.

High Quality Metal

A pedal mechanism that can withstand years of foot taps; available in seven colors. simplehuman


Finally, think about liners. If your trash can is a standard size, you’ll be able to pick up standard liners in any grocery store. If it requires liners from the same brand, they can be a little more expensive and not necessarily as readily available as a more generic liner, but they’ll fit like a glove.