You might think that touchscreen tech is new but the first-ever touchscreen is thought to date back to 1965! Apple popularized the technology in the early 2000s and now it’s fully ingrained in our lives—some toddlers expect zoom gestures to work on print magazines. So why not expect it from your new computer monitor?

Top Pick

This tilts to switch from passive viewing to complete interaction and is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. Planar

Most touchscreens will tell you about the number of touchpoints a screen can register at once. The standard for these days is 10—even on smaller ones like your phone or tablet; you shouldn’t notice much difference between how they work and how a touchscreen monitor works, it’s just on a larger scale.

Integrated Power

This item is ultra-lightweight and ideal for travel, compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, and comes with its own energy supply. ASUS

Think about what you need your screen for. For many people, the appeal is that of a portable version that helps you transform your phone or other small devices into a fully functioning desktop computer. If you’re planning to use your touchscreen monitor on the move, look for one that has an integrated battery so you can use it without needing a power outlet.

Easy to Use

This device is ideal for playing games. ASUS

As always, when buying tech that you want to integrate with your existing systems, it’s worth checking the device’s compatibility. That means checking to see whether the monitor will work with Macs and PCs (or Android and iOS if you’re looking to use it with your phone). Most portable touchscreens can be made to work with any operating system, but it might mean having to install driver software. It’s also worth checking the connectivity and the ports installed on the monitor and your electronics—HDMI, micro HDMI, USB, DisplayPort, VGA—to make sure you have all the appropriate cables to make your machines play nicely together.

Also Consider

This model weighs just 1.7 pounds. VIOTEK

Also Consider

This product comes with a protective cover. UPERFECT