Three Things to Consider Before Buying Solar-Rechargeable Landscape Lights

Thanks to the advent of LED bulbs, landscape lights are brighter and more durable than ever before.

Today’s solar-rechargeable landscape lighting is convenient and surprisingly effective compared to the first generation of solar lights. Improved battery and lighting technology coupled with the advantages of being wire-free and using off-the-grid power make solar lights an attractive and affordable option. When choosing landscape lights, consider how you plan to use them, battery longevity and re-chargeability ratings, and an automatic on/off setting.

Easy Assembly

This product features patterned LEDs. BEAU JARDIN

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Do you want lighting for decorative accent or to light a dark path? How about spotlighting? There are lots of options. Consider how you want your lighting to function before choosing the size, style, and brightness of your solar lights.


These have an adjustable setting to run six hours on high, 12 hours on low. LITOM

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Your solar landscape lights re-charge with exposure to sunlight. Check the specs for average re-charging time and sunlight requirements. Some hold a charge longer than others, and some have adjustable lighting intensities than will save power (and last longer) when set on low.

Dancing Flames

These smarties sense when it’s time to illuminate and when it’s time to go out. TomCare

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Typically, you want lights only when it gets dark, and many models offer the convenience of an automatic on/off function. Some are equipped with timers, enabling you to save energy by setting the lights to be on only for a certain time.