Three Ways to Use a Thermal Laminator

You’ll wonder how you ever got through life without one!

Legend has it that back in 1938, a New York dentist decided that he would try to use the clear plastic resin that was used at the time for capping and bonding teeth to attempt to preserve an image of his wife—and thus the idea of laminating documents was born. Today’s machines make it even easier than ever to preserve pictures, notices, important papers and more.

Perfect For Preservation

Uses heat to plastic seal documents and comes bundled with the disposables you require so no additional purchases required. Scotch

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Just as the dentist who invented lamination discovered, laminating photographs and documents is a very good way to preserve them. Old photographs especially can be prone to fading, and if you have important documents, you may want to laminate them to look after them. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that for some documents you may want to keep a laminated version and an unlaminated version, since lamination can make it hard to see things like watermarks and embossed stamps. Some official bodies won’t accept the laminated version of documents such as birth certificates.

Artwork That Lasts

With smart features that stop paper from clogging, this machine heats up quickly, can be used with 3mm or 5mm pouches and covers 15 inches in a minute. Scotch

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Photographs aren’t the only form of art that’s worthy of lamination. Laminating your children’s artwork can be a way of making it last longer, and could also be used as a means to create a tidy book of their work that they can keep. Although it’s worth noting that most domestic laminating machines will only take pouches up to 9 inches wide—so if your young artist likes to work on a large scale, you may have to stick with displaying their pieces on the fridge.

The Ultimate in Organization

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A laminating machine is a godsend for those obsessed with organization at home or work. Ideal for making notices, checklists, meal planners, calendars—all of which can be written on with dry-wipe markers, erased and reused. You can even use it to make books, games, flashcards, certificates, awards and more.