If your steak cooking skills are limited to ‘well-done,’ well, it really doesn’t matter how you get there. But if steak perfection is your goal, here are three things that will help you reach those smack-your-lips heights.

1: A Quality Grill

The Weber Spirit II features self-ignition, a lid thermometer and 10 year warranty. Weber

With all the choices available for outdoor grilling, it pays to go with a proven winner. This Weber Spirit II is affordable, easy to use and runs on LP gas, making your heat control manageable. It features three burners, which you will need for the direct/indirect heat options so critical to steak perfection. When to sear? Get this grill.

2: Instant Read Meat Thermometer

This instant read thermometer is inexpensive and runs on AAA batteries. Get two! ThermoPro

One key to successfully cooking steak is careful monitoring of the meat’s internal temperature. Regular thermometers won’t give you an accurate reading. Instant read digital thermometers will. Remember that meat continues to cook even after removing from the grill. Steak is cooked rare when its internal temperature reaches 120 degrees.

3: Coarse Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt is an exotic (and very cool!) way to season your perfect steak. Sherpa Pink

Used properly, salt locks in moisture and flavors the meat. For the perfect steak, bring it to room temperature before cooking, and apply quality coarse salt as a rub, letting it sit for 30 minutes (no more). Add a little dried minced garlic, if you must.