If you’re wanting to shoot video, and you want it to be as simple as possible, you want a 4K camcorder. These high-resolution cameras record sharp, professional-looking video and audio. But there are a lot of other features, settings, and functions that can elevate your films to another level. Some cameras are tiny, rugged, and built for adventure, while others have larger viewing screens and better ergonomics. If you’re wondering what 4K camera is best for you, here are some other notes to help you with your decision.

This model records to SD cards instead of film or tape. YEEHAO

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The all-in-one camcorder has evolved in the last few decades. Modern versions contain all the features you need in a simple, video-centric package. It should be easy to hold and have a large, flip-out screen so you can view what you’re filming. If you plan to record subjects from afar, look for the greatest optical zoom you can find, and don’t rely on digital zoom because it often blurs the picture.

This camera records 4K video and captures 12MP images. GoPro

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If things might get rowdy, nothing beats an action camera. Some are waterproof down to a specific depth and can withstand dust, cold, and even accidental drops. A unit with a touchscreen on the back helps you frame your shots and swap shooting modes, and since most have fixed wide-angle lenses, they’re better at capturing action around you, as opposed to far away.

You can operate this model using the included remote control. SEREE

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Sometimes great things come in pieces, and some camcorder kits are a good example of that. Having a camcorder with an external microphone will frequently deliver better quality audio with less annoying camera noise. Some cameras also have interchangeable lens systems, whereas less expensive models will support lens attachments to give you more creative ways to record a scene.