Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Backyard Pool for Kids

Nothing makes summer better than kids splashing in a kiddie pool.

You could be that guy with a backyard pool competing with Chuck E Cheese for kiddie delights—without the pizza, of course, which doesn’t generally mix well with pool water. But keeping it simple with an inexpensive pool might be all your kids need for a fun-filled summer. When choosing a kiddie pool, consider safety concerns as well as construction and desired features. Here are a few other considerations you’ll want to think about before you buy.

For Pre-Swimmers

This popular pool is perfect for little ones that can’t quite swim but still love to play in water. Intex


In addition to nonstop supervision, safety factors for backyard kiddie pools include matching water depth to the height of the toddlers or children using it, making sure it has a non-slip floor, and recessed inflation valves. Be sure to empty the pool when not in use for both safety and cleanliness.

Comfortable and Spacious

This inflatable option is made with a durable PVC and is recommended for kids ages six and older. Play Day


Backyard kiddie pools are available as inflatables, hard plastic or snap set. Inflatables are popular and can have lots of features, although they take time to inflate and can puncture easily, so keep a repair kit handy. Hard plastic is easy to use and quick to set up but can be UV-sensitive and crack easily over time. Snap set pools set up quickly but may have weak and puncture-prone flooring.

Basket Challenge

Some inflatables include fun water games. Intex


Backyard kiddie pools can easily be made into play centers with a little creativity and a few props. Or, you can buy them with slides, basketball hoops, ball games, sun umbrellas and many other options. Molded seats are nice.