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A backyard trampoline can provide hours of fun for the whole family. But they’re also a big ticket purchase that require some TLC to be kept in all-weather shape and serve as a safe source of fun for years to come. Regardless of which trampoline you choose, close adult supervision and clear rules are essential to make sure everyone is safe while they bounce. Here’s how to pick the best outdoor trampoline for your family.

10 foot jumping surface provides ample space; L-shaped legs make product sturdy on the ground. SereneLife

A net can provide peace of mind and ensure that jumpers don’t fall off the trampoline. But it’s still a good idea to set rules based on weight limits and behavior. Several small kids may have fun bouncing, but it may be a good idea to limit jumping to one teen at a time.

Multiple Ways to Play

Springs are attached to a jumping mat, minimizing the possibility of stuck hands or feet; rust-proof design can stay outside year-round. Merax

Consider the springs on the trampoline. One source of trampoline injury is people getting their arms or legs caught in a gap between the springs. Many trampolines have construction to cover any gaps with a pad. This can make it safer to jump.

Budget Friendly

A steel frame holds up to 600 pounds at a time; ladder makes for easy accessibility. Yalasga

Trampolines aren’t just for kids. Trampoline fitness classes for adults have also sprung up—pun fully intended—in popularity. Consider hopping on one for yourself for a cardio and mood boost once the kids are done jumping.