Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Bicycle Basket

Whether you have a lot or a little amount of stuff to pedal down the road, there’s a bike basket suited for the task.

There’s nothing more timeless or iconic than a handlebar-mounted bike basket. Whether it’s the classic woven basket carrying daisies, French bread and Audrey Hepburn’s schnauzer or the jury-rigged milk crate holding E.T. as Elliot pedals his bike across the full moon, bike baskets make a statement. Here are three factors you need to consider when you’re choosing the best one for your bike.

Choose Your Hue

This weatherproof model comes in seven different colors. Retrospec

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The weight and volume of what’s being carried in your basket will determine the size and capacity of the basket needed, as well as whether you should mount on the front or rear of your bike. Anything weighing more than 10 to 15 pounds ought to be carried in a basket mounted on the rear of the bike. Larger and heavier items in front can obstruct your view and throw off the bike’s balance.

Chic Look

This is sleek and classic with an easy-carry handle. Schwinn

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Many bikers prefer to remove their baskets when not in use, since they can reduce the bike’s aerodynamic performance. They prefer baskets that can quickly be attached or removed with minimal tool work, and yet remain secure while riding.

Easy to Install

This intricately designed option is versatile and has multiple uses. Lixada

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Bike baskets that can double as a shopping basket for groceries, picnic basket or a pet carrier are nice features. Foldability for storage is a plus.