Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Bullet Blender

Make your own healthy smoothies with a small, easy to use, and easy to clean mixer.

Once upon a time, if you wanted a smoothie, it meant using your gigantic blender that would often leave huge chunks in your beverage, before you then had to pour it into a cup to drink. Not only did this create more mess in the kitchen, but you also lost a fair amount of smoothie when remnants stuck to the inside of the big pitcher of the blender. Thankfully, someone put a bullet into those old ways. Or, a bullet-style blender, at any rate. These compact devices blend your beverage right in the cup you’re going to drink it from, so there’s no waste and no extra cleaning. But what else should you look for before buying one?

Compact Power

Extractable blades make for an easy clean. NutriBullet

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There’s really very little point in having a blender at all if it can’t blend. For that, you’re going to need horsepower. Bullet blenders generally get away with being small, but you want to make sure they can crush ice. A 250-watt motor should be the bare minimum.


A 600-watt motor crushes fruits and veggies. NutriBullet

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The real reason you’re looking at a bullet-style setup is because they’re compact and simple to use. That goes not just for the blending itself, but for the cleaning. Make sure you get a unit that has detachable blades so you can load the rest of it in the dishwasher.


A 72oz pitcher, a 64oz food processor, and two 16oz bullet-style cups have you covered for any smoothie you can imagine. Ninja

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If you have ample counter space in your kitchen, consider an all-in-one system. These blenders will have big bases, and you can use them with large pitchers, food processors, as well as small bullet-style blending cups.