Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Drill Press

A drill press allows anyone to drill a precision hole in any number of materials, without putting your extremities at risk.

drill press
A drill press can do what you simply cannot using a handheld drill and “eyeballing” your way into a hole.Skilsaw

You can spend thousands on a drill press, or thirty bucks on a drill press stand to hold your cordless power drill. Why spend the money? How do you choose what’s best for you? You’ll need a drill press that’s at least adequate to handle the size, type and hardness of the material you plan to drill, the size of the bits you’re using and the precision drilling for which you need a press in the first place. Consider these three factors to find the best drill press for your needs.

Type and Size of Material

drill press
For lighter projects required more portability, a drill press guide (using your power drill) might be all you need.KANZAWA

The size of the wood, metal, or plastic drilling projects you’re planning will help determine the drill press you need. Figure how much ‘travel’ you’ll need (distance the drill head can move vertically) to determine whether you might need a bench or floor press. Consider the

distance between chuck and drill press shaft (swing) you require for your projects. Lastly, think about how much power you may need for drilling through hard materials. Pay attention to the size of the bits you’ll be using and be sure they’ll fit the chuck size/capacity of the drill press you choose.

Precision Required

drill press
Some models have precision features such as laser-guided centering and locking depth stops.WEN

Projects needing more precision than you get with a hand-held power drill are why you’re looking for a drill press in the first place. For the greatest precision, look for a press with minimum vibration, a wide range of drill speeds, with high torque even at low speeds.

Features Needed

drill press
This model features a tilting table surface.SKILSAW

Some features to consider include an easily adjustable table to drill at angles, a wide range of speeds, vise options, accessories, convenience and safety of the on/off switch, and stability.