Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Flexible Hose

A simple solution for delivering water where you need it that doesn’t sacrifice storage space when you don’t.

Flexible garden hoses are simply amazing. Compared to the bulky rubber hoses of yesterday, they are much lighter, smaller to store, collapse down to very manageable sizes, and help make lawn watering, car washing, and gardening a breeze. Flexible hoses are made of a thin, expandable lining inside a woven fabric exterior jacket. When filled with water, they expand about three times their length. Compared to typical rubber hoses, they hardly ever kink and are incredibly easy to move around the yard. If you’ve ever been worked up over kinked-up, stopped-up, heavy, grimy rubber hoses, it’s time to make your life a lot easier. Here are three things to think about when choosing the modern marvel of a flexible water hose.

Protective Layer

This product is rated to withstand 12 bars of water pressure. Flexi Hose


If you’ve never purchased a flexible garden hose, pay particular attention to make sure you’re getting enough hose for the job. Their compact and lightweight nature makes it convenient to store short hoses for tasks such as car washing in the driveway, so some flexible hoses are as short as 25 feet. On the other hand, since they are so light and compact, you can get away with buying a longer flexible hose than you might consider with a standard rubber hose.

Size Shifter

This model comes with an 8-pattern head. TheFitLife


Cheap hoses are often built with flimsy metal or plastic couplings. Look for a hose with solid brass couplings. They won’t rust or corrode, and they’ll stand up to you stepping on them without smashing flat and being useless the next time you want to connect two hoses or switch out nozzles.

Tough and Durable

You can use this product in subzero temperatures. Gardguard


Unlike traditional rubber hoses, many flexible hoses come with an accessory hose handle, which helps make them even more affordable. If you want to water plants with a finer mist or blast gunk from your car with a powerful jet of water, look for hoses with nozzles that you can adjust from fine to focused sprays.