Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Floor Mirror

A floor mirror deserves to be in the spotlight, not hidden on the inside of a closet door.

A large mirror in a bedroom.
When it comes to floor mirrors, there are dozens of different sizes, shapes, and finishes, and you should be able to find one that matches the style of whatever room you’re placing it in.Crown Mark

To find the right floor mirror for your space and usage, there are some things you want to look for. One is the shape. There are a few different shape options for floor mirrors to choose from. Another is size. Yes, floor mirrors do come in different sizes. Another is style. There is every style of floor mirror from basic modern to gauche antique, and so much in between. A mirror can also serve as a great way to open up a room that feels small and dark. Here are the three things you should look for in the perfect floor mirror.


NeuType Full Length Mirror
The shape of your floor mirror can set a different tone for the room.NeuType

Mirror shape plays a bigger role in the overall vibe of a room than one may think. Something that is taller and vertical will make a room seem taller. A floor mirror that is wider will help a room seem wider. A rounded or curved mirror will bring a softness to the room, and a square or rectangular shape will make the room seem more defined.


H&A 65"x24" Full Length Mirror
There are different sizes of floor mirrors that can impact the feel of the room.Hans & Alice

It may seem that all floor mirrors are about the same size. However, it turns out that floor mirrors come in a variety of sizes. Some are just big enough so that you can see your outfit at quick glance on your way out of your bedroom. Others are much bigger and are meant for an entryway to bring in more light and create additional space.


Crown Mark Espresso Finish Wooden Cheval Bedroom Floor Mirror
The style of your floor mirror says a lot about you.Crown Mark

You can either opt to match your floor mirror to the rest of the decor in your room, or make a statement with your floor mirror purchase. The size and shape of the mirror play a role in the style, and so does the frame of the mirror. The simpler the frame, the more modern the style. And the more ornate the frame, the more traditional the style.