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Of all the games suitable for a family game room, few generate the excitement of foosball. There’s something about rocketing a shot on goal from midfield that stirs competitive juices. While early versions of table soccer date back to the 1890s in Europe, foosball has been a fixture in American arcades, pubs, and rec rooms only since about the 1970s. But wherever you find a table, you’re bound to find someone ready to unleash their inner foosman. Here’s how to spin up a game on your home court.

This version has 11 players on each team. Best Choice Products

Foosball usually has 11 players (or foosmen) per side, although some commercial games may have as many as 13. For regulation play that conforms to International Table Soccer Federation rules, stick with 11-player tables that are about 2 feet wide by 4 feet long. You can operate the game with either one or two players per side for singles or doubles competition.

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You can also play tennis, chess, bowling, and backgammon on this model. Best Choice Products

Combination tables make the most out of your floor space by integrating multiple games. In addition to foosball, you can convert the surface to play pool, ping pong, air hockey, and various board games. Multi-game tables are excellent for small children who love variety in their play. However, because they pack so many activities into one set, the quality of the construction may not be as sturdy as a dedicated foosball table.

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This model has powder-coated steel legs for use outside. Kettler

Foosball is not limited to pool halls and daylight basements. Take your beef outside with a foosball table meant to weather the elements. Just make sure that any metal components are corrosion resistant and that the table comes with a cover.