Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Grabber Tool

Pardon our reach.

Picking up objects is a task we do multiple times an hour. But if you’ve ever needed to grasp something that was just beyond your reach, you know how frustrating it can be. Mobility restrictions, height, injury or muscle soreness from repetitive movement can limit your ability to complete certain tasks that others might take for granted. Grabber tools are a practical solution to reach exactly what you need without compromising your independence or potentially injuring yourself. Most have a basic design—an ergonomic handle that you squeeze, a sturdy aluminum arm and a magnetized rubber tipped jaw that stays open in an unlocked position. When you need to reach something, simply squeeze the handle to pinch the object firmly and move the arm while you maintain your grasp. To release the item, just take your fingers off the trigger. But what do you really need in a great grabber? Here’s what you need to know.

Built-In Magnets

Extends up to four feet. Rubber-tipped jaw attracts metal and is capable of retrieving objects up to eight pounds. Amazon


Grabbers are a helpful tool for picking up trash and debris, but make sure you look at how much weight it can hold and the length of its reach. If you are using your grabber primarily for clean up, a longer reach might save your back (depending on how tall you are). If you are using it to reach objects that are on shelves or nearby, a slightly shorter reach might be easier to manage. Whatever length you choose, make sure it is rated for the right weight—it should be able to securely grasp a hardback book or lightly packed grocery bag.

Twice the Help

Revolving head nimbly reaches small objects with rubberized tips and easy to use ergonomic handle. Amazon


Choosing a grabber that has a sticky grasp is key. Rubber tips and lining in the jaw are one way to ensure that the object you’re reaching doesn’t slip out of the grabber by accident. Many jaws and tips are also magnetized, which improves their hold on slick metal surfaces.

Suction Cup Tips

Lightweight model built from corrosion-resistant aluminum. Easy to store, thanks to a built-in hanger. Amazon


If you need your grabber to do more than just pick up trash or reach the odd knick knack that is just beyond your reach, consider looking for one that has extra mobility functions. Suction cups on the tips of the jaw are a great way to hold and change light bulbs, move electronics and retrieve other slippery things. Swivel jaws that rotate are helpful when you need to reach something out of the way or at an odd angle by bending and flexing at the point where the arm meets the jaw.