Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Kid’s Easel

Stimulate a kid’s artistic talents with a setup that’s always ready for creative fun.

children easel
If your child has sudden artistic impulses, they’ll love having an easel always out and ready for drawing or painting.Crayola

Helping your child express their creativity is healthy for the mind, body, and soul. But having to break out messy paints, old worthless paintbrushes, and clear a space each time your kid wants to draw or doodle is a huge pain. A kid’s easel solves those problems with a dedicated, organized place for art, with everything they need at the ready—markers, paintings, paper, chalk, and tons of other supplies. Here are three things to consider when you want to support the arts by supporting your child’s love of drawing.

Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Tabletop Easel
The paper roll on this model holds 50 feet of art paper.Melissa & Doug

Not all kid’s easels come with the standard paper roll or clips to hold large pieces of paper. Some are designed for younger children and offer dry-erase boards or chalkboards that allow kids to doodle and create without using costly paper. For the best of both worlds, get an easel with both paper and chalkboard options. Think about how your child will approach an artistic endeavor and choose accordingly.

Step2 Easel for Two
This pack includes an easy-to-wash bin.Step2

For the youngest artists, look for a magnetic easel. These come with tons of foam or plastic letters and symbols made with magnets to stick on the board. Your child can create and arrange patterns, words, and even basic math problems, which works both sides of the brain at once.

Crayola Kids Wooden Easel
This product has three different drawing surfaces.Crayola

Think about where you will use the easel. While most folks think of a stand-up easel, some children might prefer a tabletop easel. These are easy to store and move from space to space and won’t take up as much room in the house.