Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Light Ring

Shed more light on your selfies and videos for out-of-this-world results.

Way back in the 1960s, postmodern-art icon Andy Warhol predicted that, in the future, we would each enjoy fifteen minutes of world fame. Never has his theory seemed more plausible than in the age of smartphone photography and video. So, why not make the most of your inevitable Insta-fame by taking the best snaps in the most flattering light possible? When natural sunlight won’t oblige, you can enhance any close-range image with a selfie light ring. These nifty accessories bathe every subject in a perfectly uniform studio glow. They are compact, easy to use, and a great way to kick up your selfie photos and videos. Here are a few things to think about when buying a portable light ring.

All Inclusive Packs

When your selfie just isn’t popping like you’d hoped, add some additional illumination. Neewer


While light rings can be purchased separately, the most popular models for selfie photography are sold as kits that usually include an adjustable tripod, a separate smartphone mount, color filters, and various other accessories that make for a compact studio. Because all the components work together, make sure your kit comes with a stuff sack or case for ease of transport.

Remote Control

If you can’t actually press the shutter button on your phone, a remote control can help. Aptoyu


For influencer-quality selfies, you will need some sort of remote control, preferably wireless. That allows you to create space between yourself and the lens and still activate the shutter without making unnatural contortions, shaking the camera, or distorting your image.

Lighting Modes

Different shades of white can change the mood of your images. Erligpowht


The effectiveness of supplemental photography light is a function of several factors, including the position of the light source, its size, and intensity. For most selfie purposes, a ring light in the 10- to 18-inch range is sufficient. That’s big enough to shoot through the center of the ring for perfectly diffused light with fewer shadows, or set it to the side for more dramatic effects. Just make sure the light has multiple settings to control brightness and color warmth, both of which are key to manipulating image tone.