Home security is more important than ever. Video doorbell cameras not only function as a greeting tone but also offer real-time surveillance and two-way communication with whoever is at your doorstep. Onboard memory cards make it easy to review a history of who has come calling while you are away, confirm package deliveries, and track other activity. If you are looking for a simple first step in wireless home security or want to add an extra layer to an existing smart-home network, here’s what to look for in a video doorbell system.

You can view footage from this device on a smartphone. XTU

Resolution and field of view are the two factors determining image quality. Industry specifications range from the traditional 720 HD to a non-standard 1536 x 1536 resolution (a 1:1 aspect ratio that offers head-to-toe coverage). The field of view for your peephole camera determines how much you can see and varies from about 140 to 180 degrees. A wider field of view means greater coverage but also more image distortion. A 160-degree camera with 1080 HD resolution falls right in the middle of the market spectrum.

This model installs with your current ringer’s wiring. Amcrest

Two of the most important features to look for in a video doorbell camera are motion detection and night vision. Motion detectors can send a mobile notification to alert you when someone is at the front door, even if you are away. Night vision enhances security when and where you need it most—on your doorstep, in the dark.

The batteries in this unit last for two to four months before needing replaced. Conico

Another decision to consider is whether to go completely wireless or use your current doorbell wiring. The advantage of the latter is you can connect directly to an existing chime, but you first must do a bit of simple wiring. Fully wireless systems do not require a hard connection. Instead, they either must be periodically recharged or have their batteries replaced. These models usually incorporate a remote chime that plugs into a home USB port or adapter.

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This model connects with Google Assistant and accepts voice commands. GazingSure

This unit can capture images at a 166-degree angle. ieGeek