When it comes to meat, cooking to the correct internal temperature ensures the prompt death of any pesky microbes hanging out in your meal. The Centers for Disease Control say a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the meat (and away from the bone) should read 145°F for fin fish, ham and whole cuts of meat; 160°F for ground meats and 165°F for poultry and leftovers.

This option includes a hands-free device so you can watch temps from up to 300 feet away. ThermoPro

Your grandma wouldn’t even recognize the newest meat thermometers. Wireless digital options may include two probes and a hands-free device so the cook can set the target temperature then wander up to 300 feet away from the oven or grill while monitoring food safety.

This tool folds up and includes a magnetized surface and a hook so it’s always on-hand. ThermoPro

Slightly simpler tech totally gets the job done, too. Digital cooking thermometers monitor internal food temperatures with a backlight LCD display that’s easy to read under varying conditions. For max convenience, look for a thermometer that folds up or includes a magnetic back or hook for storage.

This instrument’s working end is 4.7 inches in length to prevent burns. Habor

Nobody wants to think too hard about food safety, so digital thermometers that enable super accurate, almost instant (think 6 seconds or less) temperature reading make it simple to check your food. Look for an option with an extra long probe to keep your hands safe from scalding surfaces while monitoring those temps.