The nightlight has come a long way since the old-fashioned click-on, click-off type that burnt through bulbs every month. New nightlights last lot longer, emit just the right amount of gentle light, and do more than just illuminate a room. Projecting night lights cast a soothing image on a wall or ceiling, helping you fall asleep while also providing enough light to navigate in the middle of the night. Other, programmable, dimmable nightlights emit white noise and signal to a child when it’s time to rise, make nighttime feeding routines easier, and help young ones adopt healthy sleeping patterns. Here are three nightlights that will help you improve your at-home nightlife.

This model automatically turns on when it’s dark. Vont

LED nightlights are an improvement on the old bulb-style model in several ways. First, LED nightlights don’t need darkness sensors to preserve bulb life. Second, LED bulbs last a long time. Some have a life of 10,000 hours. If the nightlight is on an average of 10 hours a day, it’ll last 1,000 days. Third, LEDs are inexpensive so you can buy a bunch and plug them into various outlets around the house. Fourth, LED light is gentle on eyes, but strong enough to help you navigate through a dark room.

This model casts an image of green stars in a changing sky onto a ceiling. BlissLights

If you have trouble falling asleep, you can get a nightlight that projects a peaceful, sleep-inducing image on the wall and ceiling of your bedroom. Some models are dimmable so you can project as bright or as subtle as you like or set the lights to a moving pattern.

This device helps children get better rest. Hatch Rest+

Getting a young one to fall asleep and stay asleep is one of the biggest challenges a parent can have. It’s even tougher if you need to waken periodically through the night for feedings. To help, some nightlights have a very soft light along with programmable white noise that lulls babies back to sleep. You can also set a light up with different colored lights, so an older child will know whether or not it’s time to get up simply by looking at the light.