There are plenty of cheap patio lounge chairs that will last a season—or just a month or a week. You’re better off investing in a quality lounge chair that can handle the weather and still baby you with a comfortable, cushy seat, year after year. Your downtime is critical to mental health, so treat yourself (and your back) to the best you can afford. Here are three things to think about when choosing a patio lounge chair.

You can position this model at multiple angles, and it comes with a padded headrest. Best Choice Products

The beauty of a lounge chair is how it enables you to kick back in total comfort, so think about how cushy you want your chaise to be. Hard plastic and all-wood chairs are easy to care for, but when it comes to chilling by the pool, opt for chairs with sculpted, ergonomic backs. You’ll also want to look at chairs with backs that sit at varying angles for reading, snoozing, and enjoying a frosty drink.

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This chair has a patented face window and arm slots for deluxe comfort when laying on your stomach. Ostrich

If you live near the beach or lakeshore, or if you enjoy traveling or camping, consider a lounge chair that folds up for easy transport. Many models are lightweight and come outfitted with carrying straps or shoulder straps to make it easy to move from car to shore. If the beach is on your list, opt for aluminum tubing that will resist corrosion.

These pieces stack easily on top of each other. Christopher Knight Home

Many people look for outdoor furniture that stores easily while not in use or during the offseason. Stackable furniture not only lends itself to long-term storage but makes clearing off your deck for large gatherings quicker and easier.