From the jump, house rabbits seem very similar to other pets. They are happy to freely hop about the house and readily take to litter boxes. However, these furry friends aren’t just a cat with long ears or a super-hoppy pup. Rabbits have species-specific needs, especially when it comes to housing.

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In the wild, rabbits are prey animals with tons of predators. It’s in their best interests to be wary, and that means even the most pampered bun can be so sensitive that it can actually die of fright. That’s why house rabbits need a safe, secure retreat when the world gets to be too much. Rabbits are especially sensitive to heat and may become stressed when the temp inches above 75 degrees, so make sure the enclosure is well-ventilated so your pet’s safe space is truly safe.

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Rabbits also have some, uh, interesting toileting habits. For one, rabbit urine can be seriously pungent, so litter boxes or bedding need to be changed frequently—especially indoors. Bunnies are lagomorphs, meaning these animals have a little pouch in their intestines that produce cecotropes, a special kind of dropping that rabbits eat. (We know!) These cecotropes aren’t technically poop though—they provide important nutrients and bacteria that keep your pet healthy. This all means that an easy-cleaning hutch is a necessity. If you aren’t keen to old-school muck out the hutch, look for one with a removable, scrubbable tray below the floor.

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A major consideration for rabbit-keeping is space. Rabbits are happiest in bonded pairs and may become depressed if kept alone. A pair of rabbits needs about 8 square feet of space inside a hutch, plus 24 square feet of space for exercise. Ideally, they should have access to that exercise area for at least 5 hours every day.