It’s hard to name one family television sitcom that doesn’t involve a living room with a couch in the middle of it all. From The Simpsons to Married with Children to Friends to Meathead’s favorite spot in Archie Bunker’s house, the sofa is front and center in everyone’s home. It makes perfect sense as the center of a lot of family activity. Some sofas double as recliners, futons, or convertible beds, adding to their utility. When considering a sofa for your home, think about the size of the couch as well as the room, the quality of its construction as well as the type of cushioning and upholstery that best reflects your needs.

This classic leather model is 6½-feet long and almost 3-feet high and wide. Rivet

Will it fit? The size of your room and where you want to put a sofa is an important consideration. Another is doorway dimensions and stairway configurations you’ll need to negotiate to get a couch into a room. Seat height can be a factor, depending on how long- or short-legged your family is. Most casual couches are prime napping locations, so check seat length as well. Sofa height matters if you hope to fit it under shelving or pictures on your wall. The main point is to be sure to lay everything out ahead of time, before you buy, to make sure it fits. You can even use masking tape or cut out the shape in newsprint to simulate the sofa’s footprint.

This steel-constructed model doubles as a recliner or bed. Best Choice Products

Most critics recommend a sofa constructed with hardwood, and to avoid anything made with particle board or cheap metal. However, some quality couches are made with steel. That said, some sofas can hold more weight than others, so if you plan to have several larger-than-average folks parking it on your new couch, check the weight capacity and cushion recommendations first before you buy.

This product has an overstuffed feather blend cushioning inside moisture repellent, stain-resistant upholstery fabric. Stone & Beam

While comfort preferences are personal, many people prefer a combination of foam and feather cushions stuffing because it’s easy to sit on for long spells without it losing its shape. And whether you prefer fabric, leather, or faux leather upholstery, make sure it’s machine washable, and stain and fade resistant.