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A sports watch is an investment in your health, but it’s also a commitment. You’re going to be spending a lot of time getting to know your sports watch, so it’s crucial to make sure that the one on your wrist is compatible with your particular interests. You don’t want to work toward a relationship with a sport watch only to find out months later that it’s just wrong for you.

If you think that we’re drawing a parallel between choosing a sport watch and choosing a person on a dating website, you’re paying attention. Here are three sport watches that are designed for three types of lifestyles. One of them may very well be the perfect match for you.

Some useful activity tracker features can log your stats while you run, bike, swim, yoga, or circuit train. FitBit

If monitoring your physical activity is the foremost reason for getting a sport watch, look for one that has exercise modes so you can tailor the watch to your activity. You may love to spend most of your weekend free time on a bike, but also get in a bunch of laps at a pool a couple of days during the week. A watch that has both a bike app and a swim app will show you exactly how the two activities compare in terms of heart rate, calorie burn, distance, and more.

Look for a sport watch that also monitors and records sleep modes (after all, sleep is crucial to fitness) and point out trends so you can make long-term adjustments in exercise if necessary. Some fitness watches also allow you to see texts and smartphone app notifications—a nice bonus—without adding to the overall size of the watch.

Most sport watches track heart rate and calorie burn and allow you to listen to music. FitBit

You may want a sport watch to record all of your fitness activities, but also help you enjoy other aspects of your life. You’re paying for that music subscription, so why not take advantage of it through your watch? You and Alexa have a special bond, so why not ask her questions whenever you want, wherever you are? You have a weather app on your smartphone, so why not be able to check it without pulling the phone out of your pocket and scrolling through it? Some watches with all these capabilities also allow you to control your smart devices at home, which makes them practical as well as fun.

A combination GPS and sport watch can monitor your heart rate and activity, include an altimeter, and help you chart your favorite courses. Garmin

If you get your exercise in places where the pavement ends, look for a watch that will help you find that pavement when it’s time to return to the civilized world. A watch with GPS and an altimeter will allow you track your location no matter where you’ll be, and provide many of the same functions found on other smart watches. Such a watch allows you to enjoy your free-time pursuits and help you at work and at home. All you need to do is shower once in a while.