Using the restroom in the middle of the night can be a risky proposition. You don’t want to turn on a light because that would make it difficult to fall back asleep or disturb your partner. So you feel your way to the bathroom, groping around for the toilet, and depending on your mission, run the risk of stubbing your toe on something, fall bottom-first into the toilet because you thought the seat was down, tinkle on the toilet lid because you thought it was up, or any number of other scenarios. A toilet night light can help you avoid injury and other situations you don’t want to discuss in the morning. Here are a few suggestions to help you find one (or more) that is right for your bathroom.

The flexible arm on this model allows it to fit on the rim of any latrine. Ailun

Toilet night lights have motion sensors, so they turn on only when you enter a bathroom and turn off after you leave. That means you won’t have a light shining in your bathroom all night. Some also have light sensors, so they don’t stay on during the day, and dimmable bulbs, so you can adjust the brightness level.

This model has a five-stage dimming switch. LumiLux Toilet Light

Getting a child to use a toilet is a hard-earned accomplishment. Getting the child to use the toilet on his or her own at nighttime is another goal—and a toilet night light makes the process easier. Even a light glow in the night can help reassure a little one that an unlit room or big toilet isn’t so scary in the dark.

This model has five different brightness levels. Chuance

Some toilet night lights can display up to 16 different colors so you can rotate through different shades or keep it on just one color. A toilet light with different settings also means you can color-coordinate with your bathroom accessories or set it to a particular color that correlates with a holiday.