toilet paper holder
A toilet paper holder is just one of those household items you don’t often think about, until you really need one. SunnyPoint

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You probably do not spend any part of your day thinking about your toilet paper holder. In fact, you may not spend much of your lifetime thinking about the device that’s currently holding the toilet paper in your bathroom. But that changes quickly if your toilet paper holder fails, or doesn’t hold the large toilet paper rolls you buy, or if you move into a place with a bathroom that has a wall holder in a hard-to-reach location, or no holder at all. Then it becomes an inconvenience and, if you have guests over, an embarrassment.

One of the following three modern toilet paper holders will probably solve whatever toilet paper holder problem you have, and get you back to thinking about things such as where you’ll be going on your next vacation, instead of the roll of toilet paper that’s currently sitting on top of your toilet tank because you don’t know where else to put it. You can also create an over the toilet storage to keep all your shampoo and other bathroom accessories.

The Paper Stand

This option has widespread legs to prevent tipping, and a space to store extras. SunnyPoint

While this may not seem like a modern option, the toilet paper stand is, if not taking the country by storm, at least gaining popularity for several reasons. One is that a stand allows for a clean look in the bathroom, with nothing protruding from the wall. A stand also allows you to place a roll of toilet paper anywhere you want. This becomes a factor if, say, the nearest wall is too far from the toilet, which would put a wall-mounted holder too far out of reach (no one wants to lean or get up from the toilet to reach the toilet paper).

Look for a stand that is sturdy enough so that it won’t tip when you pull paper off of the roll. A stand that has a space for extra rolls is an added convenience, especially if you buy toilet paper in bulk and are running out of places to store the rolls.

The Paper Extender

Low Maintenance

A must-have accessory that allows even the thickest tissue to find on a standard holder. Teravan

Many of us buy super-sized rolls of toilet paper for the sake of convenience. These large rolls can be problematic, however, if they won’t fit on your current wall-mount toilet paper holder. You can solve this problem by putting the roll on the top of your toilet tank (or balanced precariously on top of the holder itself) until through use it gets small enough to fit onto the spindle without hitting the wall. But that’s not a good look and requires you to pick up the roll with one hand while you remove toilet paper with the other. You could replace your current toilet paper holder with a larger one, but a simpler and cheaper alternative is to get a toilet paper roll extender, which has arms that fit into your current holder and extend a spindle farther out from the wall, where it can easily hold a big roll of toilet paper.

The No Screws Required Holder

No drilling necessary

Easily hang on metal or ceramic surfaces. YIGII

If the bathroom walls near your toilet are tiled or metal, such as in an RV—or if the closest vertical surface is a cabinet that you don’t want to drill into—a self-adhesive toilet paper holder is a good alternative. These are especially handy in small tile-walled bathrooms, which may not afford enough room to comfortably fit a toilet paper stand.