Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Toilet Plunger

The right tool makes unpleasant jobs simple.

Toilet plungers create powerful inner-pipe vacuums that clear the way for you to get on with your day. They are one of those things you don’t need often, but when you do, you want one that works well on your toilet. Modern toilet designs have smaller exit ports than older styles, and a flanged plunger will get the job done more efficiently than older models. Here are three things to think about before you reach for your next tool.

No Sliding

This model has a non-slip base perfect for slick ceramic floors. Mr Clean

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The classic plunger design has a flat, disc-shaped bottom that’s designed to work better on flat surfaces like sink and tub drains, so it’s difficult to get a strong seal in a toilet bowl. Instead, opt for a plunger with a protruding flange that fits inside the bottom of a modern toilet. The seal will help you create a vacuum with truly impressive unclogging power.

For Tight Fits

The compact design of this tool fits into small areas. MR.SIGA

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After tackling a clog, you have to deal with a wet plunger, which can drip and drool toilet water all over the bathroom tile. You can stash it in a trash can or cram it inside a cabinet. But it’s better to use a drip-free stand or caddy and have the plunger ready and waiting for the next heavy load.

No Spillage

A magnetic collar clips this model together with a base for drip-free storage. simplehuman

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After clearing clogged pipes, you might want to give your bathroom a quick cleanup. After you clear the pipes, you’ll likely have a bit of ceramic touch-up in store, and a plunger caddy that comes with a bristle brush will make it easy to complete the job.