Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Treadmill

If you want to begin exercising but don’t have a lot of time or money to spend at a gym, a home treadmill might be the solution you’re looking for.

Getting a treadmill for home is a terrific investment if you’re serious about being healthy.Xterra Fitness

It isn’t necessary to buy an expensive gym membership to boost your personal fitness level. All it takes to wring out the kinks and get some blood flowing is a little motivation and a few minutes each day on a home treadmill. As one of the most versatile pieces of personal fitness equipment, a treadmill can meet the needs of virtually anyone—from those recovering from injury or surgery right on up to elite athletes. But before investing in a home treadmill, take a look at these options to make sure you are getting the right equipment for your routine. And, as always, consult a physician before beginning any new exercise regime.

Belt Dimensions

The taller the runner, the longer you want the treadmill belt to be to accommodate long strides.NordicTrack

Platforms on home treadmills range from about 16 to 25 inches wide and up to 60 inches or more in length. The taller the runner, or the faster your pace, the longer the belt should be.

Interactive Workouts

The more features a treadmill includes, the better it can help you keep tabs on your progress.NordicTrack

Touchscreen interfaces, elevation controls, timers, and even blood-pressure monitors make treadmills a complete workout. Models offering interactive running programs supervised by virtual trainers help overcome motivation sags and ensure that you will stay on a well-regimented routine.

Space Requirements

Folding treadmills collapse when not in use to help you save space in a room.XTERRA Fitness

A treadmill has a fairly large footprint, so to speak. But a folding unit will save some space while still offering the room to get in that morning or evening trot without having to build an extra wing on the house.