Three Things to Consider Before Buying an Easel

How to find the right stand for work, art, or a makeshift sign holder.

Giving presentation with easel.
A lightweight stand can give your work presentation a professional look, provide a creative space for kids, or support your artwork.Viz-Pro

Easels are multi-function tools for home, school, or office. In addition to holding or displaying artwork, an easel can support whiteboard and flip charts for presentations, promote specials outside a business, or serve as signage for event directions. Their usefulness ranges from professional messaging to just keeping the kids busy at home with a box of chalk or erasable markers. If you need an easel to display any kind of work or words, here are a few things to think about before buying.

T-SIGN 66 Inch Artist Easel Stand

No Slipping

This model folds down for easy storage.T-SIGN

While classic art easels were traditionally made of wood, a collapsible metal easel is more durable and versatile. But take a close look at the ease of use. While large wooden easels are typically set up once in a permanent location, such as a studio, metal versions usually are portable, which might entail additional assembly steps.

VIZ-PRO Light Melamine Tripod Whiteboard/Flipchart Easel, 24" W x 36" L

Easy Set-Up

This product includes a pen tray and hook for hanging paper.VIZ-PRO

Not all easels are meant to hold artwork. A one-piece stand with a built-in whiteboard is perfect for conference settings or the classroom. This type of easel is also great for homeschooling or for remote teaching when a little old-school blackboard instruction is in order.

Artify 73 Inches Double Tier Easel Stand, Aluminum Tripod for Painting and Display with an Environmental Friendly Carrying Bag and Spare Parts

Lightweight Metal

This product is made with materials that are 30 percent lighter than similar models.ARTIFY

A multipurpose easel should have an adjustable height. From studio work to painting en plein air (painting outdoors), telescoping legs allow standing work as well as supporting a canvas on the ground or other work surface. A locking easel rest is handy for securing work outdoors in breezy conditions.