Electric toothbrushes aren’t new. In fact, they’ve been around for so long, and are so common, that now it’s almost novel to spy someone brushing their teeth manually. It looks like a lot of work, by comparison. But if you’re new to the electrified dental hygiene game, the sheer variety of setups available can feel overwhelming. Which way should you turn to keep your teeth sparkling? Here are a few things to consider.

Interchangeable Heads

This model’s lithium ion battery should last up to two full weeks with normal use. Philips

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The last thing you want is your toothbrush to go belly-up mid cleansing. A reliable toothbrush will have a nice, long battery life. Ideally, you’ll be able to take it on a decently long vacation and not have to worry about bringing the charger.

Built-In Timer

This affordable choice features a round top that rotates to dig in deep and really break up existing plaque, as well as prevent new layers from forming. Oral-B

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No two people have mouths, teeth, or gums that are exactly the same size or shape, and because of that we’ll all have different preferences on brush type. Some like the traditional oblong brush, while others may prefer to go with a round shape. Some like soft bristles, while others want something a little stiffer. Don’t overlook this comfort-factor.

Smartphone App Compatible

This smart option offers real-time feedback as you brush to help you hit important areas, track your habits over time and even help you use the right amount of pressure. Oral-B

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Yep, they’re building intelligence into everything these days, even your toothbrush. A smart brush may help you keep track of your brushing habits as well as guide you toward better ones.