A top-quality set of cereal containers can keep your cereal and other food items fresh and organized. They’re also great for safely storing baking items like flour, sugar, and cornmeal, making both cooking and baking easier and more efficient. But not all cereal containers and similar storage containers are equal. Here are some things to look for when shopping for containers for your cereal and other food and baking items.

This collection is made with non-toxic materials. Chef’s Path

Before you buy cereal containers, examine the materials used in manufacturing. While some glass containers are still available, those made from hard plastic are generally best because there’s less chance of them shattering if dropped. Clear plastic makes it easy to see what’s inside without opening the lid, and BPA-free materials that are dishwasher safe ensure you won’t be ingesting unnatural chemicals.

This collection of cereal bins is airtight, stackable, and dishwasher safe. OXO

Having an airtight seal on any cereal container is a must, as it can’t keep food fresh if air or moisture can penetrate. Moreover, lockable lids make it less likely you’ll have an accidental spill. Containers that are stackable or have some other space-efficient method of storage are better than those that take up separate footprints on your counter or shelves. Other features you might consider are measuring lines on the side to see the specific amount left inside, and handles since carrying a container by the lid can lead to a messy catastrophe.

This set features spaces where you can mark what’s inside. Vtopmart

Container sets available in a variety of sizes and shapes, rather than being uniform, are good for storing a wide variety of different food items—from long, thin spaghetti, to pinto beans or rice. An included scoop is also handy to make dipping out the contents easily without searching the kitchen for measuring cups or other utensils.