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Curtain rods are probably one of the last things you think about when it comes to interior design. But because curtains can change the look and feel of any window, this simple fixture sets the mood for any room in your home. Attached directly to a wall or hidden behind a valance, an appropriate curtain rod can be an important accent to any space.

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You can adjust the length of this product to fit most window widths. AmazonBasics

Color, finish, and finial (end cap) type are the three main things you’ll need to decide about the next curtain rod you buy. While you may pay more for specialty finishes, like brushed copper or antiqued metals, these variables are all matters of personal taste more so than cost. Even wood rods have their place. Just remember that the rod contributes as much character to a room as the curtains themselves, and both should work together to create the right ambiance.

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This product extends 3.5-inches from the bases. Kenney

Curtain rods should extend several inches beyond either casing edge to set off the window dimensions and allow plenty of space for throwing back the drapes. The wider the rod, the more dramatic a window will appear within the space, and the more light you can let in. Measure your window from the outside edge of the casing before deciding which length is right for you and remember that if you can’t find anything that fits your exact measurement, there are adjustable-length rods that are easy to install.

Holds up to 20 Pounds

The design of this model lets you close drapes all the way to the wall. AmazonBasics

Most curtain rods attach either directly to a wall on each end or rest in a bracket you mount before hanging the rod. Rods with finials usually mount in brackets, and you must remove the finials before sliding on the curtains. For drapery hidden beneath a valance or dust ruffle, the style of curtain rod is less important than getting a rod that’s the right length and a solid installation.