Don’t be embarrassed. It’s only natural. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us want to share in whatever goes on between you and the loo. Using deodorizing products is a civilized way of taking care of uncivilized smells. You can mask or neutralize malodorous molecules in the air or in the water. But you can’t fight this fight alone, and here are three different strategies for winning the war.

Top Pick

This natural fragrance comes in an aerosol-free bottle. Poo-Pourri

Sometimes it’s better to deal with an aromatic incident on the front side, with products that fight the funk before you even get down to business. Some sprays propel fresh air on the water’s surface to mask foul odors.

Great Value

You can use this without worrying about laying down an overpowering smell. Febreze

Odor-cleaning sprays work by binding their molecules to odor-causing molecules and neutralizing the nastiness. They can also mask unpleasant smells with fresh bursts of floral and citrus aromas. It’s a great idea to keep a neutralizing spray handy under the bathroom cabinet.

Also Consider

This scent diffuser works by releasing periodic bursts of perfume. Air Wick

Odor neutralizers that plug into an electrical outlet or run on batteries work 24/7, on the job before, during, and after your potty break. Some will last for several months.