Three Things to Consider Before Buying Fireplace Accessories

Stay warm and toasty inside while it’s cold outside with the help of a few tools.

We can’t all just sit back and enjoy the fire, right? Someone has to actually tend to it, bringing all that toasty goodness blazing deep into the night. If that’s typically your job, you’ll appreciate these three items, which will give you taller flames, more accessible firewood, and an easy way to fine-tune the logs for maximum warmth.

Easy Assembly

Despite its full cord length, this product ships easily and is a snap to put together. AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME

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That’s right—no more bending over to hoist heavy logs off the ground or wasting half your firewood budget when logs stacked on the ground get wet and moldy. A heavy-duty firewood rack will hold an entire cord of firewood to protect your investment.

For Multiple Situations

You can also use this product around barbecues, smokers, and other outdoor cooking equipment. WZQH

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A robust set of fire gloves makes it easy to keep the home (or camp) fires burning. You’ll be able to easily pick up any smoking pieces that fall out of the fireplace grate or fire pit. Look for long gloves that reach well up your forearm, with flame-retardant layers for maximum protection.

Practically Indestructible

This indoor-outdoor product is as suitable for your living room as the backyard. AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME

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fireplace grate will turbocharge a cozy blaze and makes it easier to start and feed fires. By lifting firewood off the floor, airflow increases, and wood burns faster and cleaner. A grate with a slight V shape will hold logs and kindling and prevent them from spilling out of the grate.